About Us


We are Adam and Tammy Sartor, the husband and wife team of Sartor Photography. We appreciate you taking your time to stop by and check us out. We have been married 8 years now and live in Benton, IL.


We feel truly blessed that we get to work together sharing our passion for photography. We are truly a team with each of us bringing our own skills and style to the table.


Our lives are driven by three primary passions:   Family, Photography, and God.


Our family consist of  my wife Tammy, our 5 year old Lydia, our 3 year old Leah, and our dog Frito. All our children and Frito are a precious gift from God.


Whether at a wedding, in the studio, chasing around our little ones with a camera, or capturing a breathtaking sunset, it's hard to find us without a camera in our hands. Photography is just part of who we are. It has even rubbed off on our little ones. There always running around taking pictures with their toy cameras and posing their stuffed animals to try and get the best shot.


We are also blessed with a great church family. We enjoy taking part in the activities of our church. We owe everything to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All we have and enjoy are direct blessings from Him.